Monday, 29 October 2012

Street art against slavery

London, October 2012. Capturing the live auction at the fundraising event in benefit of Anti-Slavery International. During the live auction I became interested in the image forming between the fast moving auctioneer and the projected artwork. Looking at the repetitive movements, I wanted to capture a moment the gesture suggested an auction while keeping a strong focus on the projected artwork.
The Toaster, Toaster Glow 2012.


David Shillinglaw, III Communication 2012. 

Sweet Toof, Chomps 2012.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

quite a fascinating series of images

jabblog said...

Fascinating shots. I can quite see how you were inspired:-)

Lowell said...

These are very impressive and I hope they make an impact. Thank you, Angelika, for stopping by our blog and for your kind comment.